Ferguson Basically there is only 2 conditions. When you boil down every feeling, every action and the reasoning behind it – there is only 2 conditions: Love and the absence of Love. And even the absence of Love is sort of a constructed condition because it is only in your mind that it’s not there. Based on believe systems we block the free flow of Love.

http://newpotatoboxes.co.uk/author/admin/ Knowing this it becomes easy to distinguish between actions and words because if it’s not Love, then it’s absence of Love and absence of Love equals fear equals control etc. People who want to control you cannot love you – it is that simple. That said things get more complicated when we add all the different facets of people into the equation, and this is really where things start to get tricky for us, because suddenly one person is love in one facet yet showing the absence of love on other facets. But we need to keep our priorities straight. If you want to control others, no matter how justified you think it is, you are showing absence of love (or fear). If you allow others to express themselves in any way they desire wether you approve or disapprove (by believe system) then you are showing love.

Van So why does it feel like societies are getting more and more unsafe and like there is more and more to fear: Look at the way societies are constructed – they have laws, they have control forces, they have punishment, they have regulations, they want you to act acceptable in ways etc. It is easy to see that societies, countries etc are build on fear and that’s what they are producing more of. We attract that which is alike us. So anything build on fear will attract fear. Anything creating more fear will attract more fear. So we have to start substituting the absence of love (fear and control) with its counterpart Love.

buy Lyrica from india It is a fact that religions and spiritual people speak of God as Love and God will forgive us no matter what, but we ourselves are not allowed to be Love and act Love and forgive no matter what – or so we believe!