buy generic Quetiapine online The basic principle behind subtle disciplines as remote energy services, remote healing, energy Work and even mind reading is the premise that we are all one. We are all part of the same energy, the same substans: some calls it Love, others have different names for it.
If the premise is that we are alle detached individuals then you’ll have a hard time explaining love, emotions, love-at-first-sight, meaningfull things happening, how the mind influence the body etc. In a detached World nothing really matters because everything is isolated – this is certainly NOT the World we are living in. Everything matters. Everybody matters.
Modern biologists explains how energy Works in the small scale and how these mechanisms scales up to the larger scales.
We are all interconnected in a energetic web and we all have access to this in the same manner as a holographic Picture includes everything in every tiny bit. Because we all are interconnected in this energetic web / holographic Picture it is possible to Work energetically with others even if your not physically connected or even physically close – distance does not matter.

The healings will focus on different subjects every week aiming to transform inherited belief-systems. The overall headline of the healings is to transform fearbased believesystems and behavior into love and flow. Normally the subjects will be picked by, but if you are subscribing to the Extra programs then you are entitled to send in your contribution to the healingsubject. Your contribution can be in the form: “this does not work for me this week” or “I am afraid of this and that”.

Gjirokastër Here is what you get as a subscriber:
The healer will connect to the subscribers through our common energetic web during the healing aiming to transform your fearbased believesystems regarding the subject of the remote healing. The healer will Work remotely reaching out through our energetic web / holographic Picture. It is in the nature of a holographic Picture that a change somewhere is immediately reflected everywhere in the holographic Picture. As such remote healings this way will benefit everybody, but will of course be conducted for the subscribers. Furthermore the healing subject will be picked with the present subscribers as inspirational source. Some subscription packages even include the option to pick subjects yourself. As a subscriber you do not have to do anything yourself during the healing – you can work, cook, sleep – whatever you like. The transformation will happen hidden from the conscious mind.

Santo Estêvão Why subscribe:
You feel that you need change in your life but don’t know what to do
You do not have the time to go deeply into personal development
You wish to do a little personal development with little or none effort
You like changes to happen to people and to the world
You simply want to support the fact that remote healing is done and it influences our energetic web / holographic Picture

  • order Lyrica from canada How will you know if it works:
    Subtle changes and subtle effects can be difficult to measure. To evaluate if the healings works for you ask you to use the same principle that applies to validating everything else. Please as a minimum evaluate the following questions.

    • If changes manifest in your life
    • if things that formerly couldn’t happen suddenly happens with ease
    • if people starts greeting you with a smile
    • if new possibilities open for you
    • if money starts flowing your way
    • if you feel more secure
    • if you feel more self-confident
  • All these are signs that it works. Don’t take our word for it – look at your environment, look inside yourself and feel how it is before and after. If you have been struggling with something for 20 years and suddenly after healings that thing solves itself, then you have a physical outcome of the new energy achieved by the healing and transformation (even though it can not be measured directly).