buy original provigil online We humans are basically biological entities build with ways of programming our behavior. If we face new problems we will think about what to do and hopefully come up with a solution. This is very handy in many situations. But in times or places where we did not live safe away from meeting predators this method – of facing the problem, thinking about it and decide what to do, maybe even try and error a few times – was not a very good solution for survival of the species. When we are facing immediate distinction, we want something fast and reliable. RichardSharpBlog (Richard Sharp » Blog) What we do is actually quite smart – we rely on reflexes or encoded knowledge. This means we don’t have to think, we just in a blink of a second go directly to action wether it be fight or flee. When facing a predator it is smart that we know what to do, but the problem is that our “software haven’t been updated”. We basically learn in a way where we think and use our brain to work out the solution for a few times and then we encode that into to the memory bank of the cells of our body. After encoding that, whenever we meet something or a situation alike we just act in the encoded way and we do not think. The encoded way of action become our believe system. The factor that makes things or situations or people alike can be something as small as one word or one facet of another person etc. From knowledge about our believe systems it is easy to see that we do not have control over, nor know why we act as we do, or why we believe in what we do – these thing are just given to us by encoded belives in our body, based on some choices we took long time ago and forgot all about. Another effect of our old design is that in a situation where we for instance meet a predator and has to act, our body is build in a way so that all resources are focused on only that. No energy is wasted digesting food while we run for our life, no diseases are cure while we run for our life etc. The body “knows” that when the fear creating situation is over everything will revert back to normal and the body will have time and resources for dealing with the things that were left on standby while we were saving our lifes.

The problem with this in todays world, were we must realize that we are manipulated by fear, is that the diminishing total time our body get where everything is reverted back to normal quiet conditions and our body can use its resources dealing with maintaining itself. Our bodies spend more and more time in fear and alert because of the way societies, things works (based on absence of love).