Most of us is living under the conception that things are what they seem to be and we usually do not stop to think about what’s really going on around us and why. Massive problems seems to arise everywhere and many feel justified to fear this and that, and all of seems to be a never ending story. There is however some hidden truth beneath it all; some of it is very old; some of it is new and some of it is expanding.

can i buy gabapentin over the counter in spain The primary reason for the rapid growth in the problems and situations and the effects of those which we might not want, is the presence of the internet, effective transportation, effective communication and the growing ability to share content, information and pictures. This fact amplifies the underlying hidden truth and how it is expressed.

neurontin 400mg To uncover the hidden truth beneath it might be beneficial to look at how parents raise kids. Often you see parents correcting (or maybe even shouting at) kids when they cross the limits of the parent and the parent try to (in the eyes of the parent) correct (or control) the situation. What really happens here is the kid awakens fear in parent (based on the parents believe system) and the parent is trying to handle that fear or even make that fear go away (come under control).

When we really dive into the essence of this, we understand that control equals fear equals absence of love. Unfortunately our family structures build on control and thereby fear. Growing up in family structures build on fear induces believe systems into kids which basically becomes their grid (or box) of perception. They see nor experience anything outside that grid and furthermore they will recreate what they know to be true, ie that which is inside the grid.

But the story does not stop there unfortunately. People organizing and running our societies are all people like this, only seeing what’s inside their grid. And inside the grid is the massive use of control (equals fear). Try to look at advertisement in the light of this – you’re not healthy enough because you don’t buy this product, but don’t worry, just buy the product and your fear is taken care of. Try to look at politics in the light of this – we have to spend these money to provide security and safety for people, ie take care of their fear. Try to look at people against this and that in the light of this – these companies is abusing resources, ie become even more fearfull. But who created the fear – yes that is right the politicians, the people against something and the advertisements. Without them again and again awakening your fear until it’s in neonlight inside your grid, there would be no problem. We cannot solve the problem “absence of Love” with fear or control as remedies because these are just more of what we don’t want!

Fear is a condition of our societies that we have to understand and deal with openly. We have to realize that fear is the factor that is used to manipulate us into buy and vote and think certain ways. We have to realize that fear and control is the same and it is the same as absence of Love. We have to realize that politicians, advertisements and people against this and that typically offer us control (absence of love) as the remedy that will solve the fear (absence of love) – it is totally absurd. When we realize and see through all that, then we become free to choose the opposite – remember fear is the absence of love. So go for that (love) instead of the absence of it.