Landover We feel and we create

where to buy reyataz online The basis of all creation origins in our thinking and our thinking controls how we feel. Is this how it is or is it just bold statements from people claiming to be spiritual? And how can our thinking control our feelings you might add?

Stara Pazova If you’re like most people you’ve probably been in love and when you examine the process of being in love initially and the feelings you were feeling and the whole process of focusing on another human being, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that you chose to ignore signs and warnings if any. Along the way things fade out and reality comes closer as we say. In reality what happens is we get sort of bored and our mind (thinking) starts to wander and focus on other things, and we become open to input from other sources thereby seing things in a different perspective. Suddenly we might realize that our feelings have changed, but reality is that our feelings only changes as a result of our thinking.

The tricky part of this is that we have conscious thinking and subconscious thinking. Our conscious thinking is easy to deal with because we just consciously choose something else. Our subconscious thinking is more tricky to change. You’ve probably all experienced something like choosing to act differently to certain kind of situation next time it happens, just to realize that when the situation actually happens you’re just doing and saying as ususal running on autopilot.

Our subconscious thinking is part of our survival system and part of our success relieving us from re-inventing and reconsidering many things as they come along. The first couple of times we go through a new situation or process, we think and choose and select, but after that the information about how to act and how to go about it, is encoded into the cells of our body. The cells of our body holds a huge superfast memory bank that quickly tells us how to act without thinking. This is good but usually we struggle to change data or believesystems that have entered the memorybank of our cells. Sometimes it only takes 1 word similar to a bad experience to take us right back to the behavior of that bad experience without us even knowing why this happens.

At healingfellowship we work with the believesystems relieving you from that obsolete data that you do not want to control you anymore